What is GGA Token

Gongga (GGA) is a ERC20 standard token on the Gongga blockchain issued by Gongga Foundation and Gongga League. GGA is designed for rewarding the computer owners all over the world who can use their computers to be the data peers of Gongga network. You can just simply download the peer software and start to run it, the GGA tokens will be distributed to your account according to the time of how long you run the client software. This aims to create a world-wide decentralized mechanism and to make the Gongga blockchain more strong, stable and trust-able. Click to learn more about the GGA >>

About Gongga Blockchain

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Gongga is a new public blockchain platform for decentralized applications. Based on the world-wide nodes and POA consensus mechanism, Gongga is offering an open and Ethereum compatible framework for blockchain users. Developers can create their own token and subchain which can carry out different applications. Gongga is built to be a public platform that combines speed, security, and cost efficiency, and be more free for transaction.

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The value of GGA

As a token for work rewarding, GGA is not for open sale, the value of GGA is based on the consensus of Gongga users and miners. Some Gongga technique developers accept GGA to be the service charge of DApp developing. In the point of view of Gongga fundation and league, we will be happy to see the GGA token be certain valueable and widely used.

Join to be Gongga Peers

The Gongga blockchain welcomes global computer enthusiasts to participate in the decentralized bookkeeping, and any computer can be the data peer of the Gongga platform. Install and run the Gongga Data Node client and start running to get the GGA Token reward. If you have a PC or server, you can download and run the Gongga Peer program and become one of the global data peers of the Gongga blockchain.

Download the GonggaPeer: Gongga Windows Client>>      Gongga MAC Client>>

GGA Market

GGA Gongga Token has been listed on number of token exchanges, people who have own enough number of GGA can sale/buy the tokens through those markets.

Contact and Commuity

Gongga Forum is a online space for people's discussing and idea sharing, one can post his questions regarding Gongga blockchain and GGA tokens on it. Enter forum.gongga.org > > Whitepaper of GGA > >

For any information, please contact with: info@gga.cloud

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