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The Token for Gongga Network

The Principle of GGA

Gongga (GGA) is a ERC20 standard token on the Gongga blockchain issued by Gongga Foundation and Gongga League. GGA is designed for rewarding the computer owners all over the world who can use their computers to be the data peers of Gongga network. You can just simply download the peer software and start to run it, the GGA tokens will be distributed to your account according to the time of how long you run the client software. This aims to create a world-wide decentralized mechanism and to make the Gongga blockchain more strong, stable and trust-able.

The Network Platform of Gongga

Gongga is a new public blockchain platform for decentralized applications. Based on the world-wide nodes and POA consensus mechanism, Gongga is offering an open and Ethereum compatible framework for blockchain users. Developers can create their own token and subchain which can carry out different applications. Gongga is built to be a public platform that combines speed, security, and cost efficiency, and be more free for transaction. Click to know more about ongga blockchain: www.gongga.org >>

The Technology Platform of GGA

Token allocation and Issue Information

Token name Gongga Token
Symbol GGA
Total number of Tokens issued 2 billion
Tokens for rewarding (for mining) 100%
Emission rate No more GGA will be created
Tokens for pre-sale no
Token formate REC-20 standard
Contract address 0x1c56dff0f0c2c7f5a6d5f952cbac6b95753bedfc

Token allocation and Issue Information

If any people download and run the Gongga Peer program on their computer, the peer address will automatically receive of about 50 GGA per day (automatically adjust in between 10 and 100, according to the number of simultaneous online peers). In the GGA reward plan, half of GGA token rewarding will be sent out within the first period, after that, the delivering rate will be reduced to be the half slower, and again and again, and so on. Regarding the referrer rewards: In the first year, users who recommend friends to participate in the Gongga data peer program can get rewards according to 10%+ of the GGA tokens received by the recommended peers. Please refer to the recommended person to input your Gongga account when registering.

Contact and Commuity

For any information, please contact with: info@gga.cloud

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